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I love all about boat especially a traditional boat and yacht. I also have my own traditional boat which was build on 2006.

In this blog, you can find a collection of traditional wooden boat & traditional wooden yacht from Malaysia and all over the world. Your one stop information about traditional boats and yachts, boat builder and everyting that is related from all over the world.

Everyone are most welcome to share anything about boats and yachts here.

Pelbagai koleksi perahu tradisional melayu dan seluruh dunia.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A photo of Traditional boats, Venice, Italy

A great photo of traditional boats from patrlynch. More great photo here.

traditional boats

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sultan of Fervour - Maldivian yachts

traditional boats and yachts


Sultan of Fervour is a wonderful and appealing schooner launched in 2006, measuring 31 metres in length and 7.50 metres in breadth. Its unique design features two sun decks and, in the centre of the boat, an open area with a table for dining outdoors.
The two sun decks are equipped with sun loungers, chairs and coffee tables, all matching the boat’s colours.

The 8 double bedrooms feature fine wood furniture, adjustable air conditioning and en-suite bathroom. For more info, feel free to visit divinginmaldives.com.

traditional boats and yachts

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TAILOR MADE cruise everywhere in GREECE | flotilla sailing holiday

flotilla sailing holidays

TAILOR MADE cruise everywhere in GREECE on our superb wooden yacht IRINA.
IRINA is registered as professional tourist sailing boat under greek flag.

She is 72 feet long, allowing ample living space for a small group of passengers of all ages.


IRINA is a 74 tons wooden sloop, registered as professional touristic sailing boat by the Greek Authorities. The label “professional sailing yacht” means that she succeed (in 2006) to stability tests and different technical specifications.

For this reason she is allowed to sail with winds 6 Beaufort and stronger rather other professional touristic boats up to 83 feet are not.
And the sails are not here just for take a picture ;-)

This classical wooden Greek yacht ( Kaiki ) was strongly built by one of the best carpenter of Cyclades.
Her equipment is upper than the European rules including for example computer connected to satellite for see directly the way on the screen or liferaft category SOLAS which is Atlantic specifications.

IRINA has a heavy duty 360HP turbo Volvo marine engine and around 200 square meters sails. There is a tender with Yamaha outboard engine, autopilot, 2 VHF, 2 GPS and the electronic standard equipment. There is always 220AC for charge any telephone or others like camera or MP3 player.

There is also a generator for any big AC power need. Of course there is electric fridge, 2000 liters water tanks, hot water and all the equipment expected in such yacht like air conditioning in all the cabins..

There is snorkeling equipments, some fishing lines, and possibility to connect your MP3 player on the yacht stereo. The bar is open for basic beverages (refreshment or beers) and you can also bring and drink your bottles without extra-charge. There is a sunbath area with sun beds...

Everything for enjoy a comfortable cruise with also very good food (breakfast and one lunch or dinner on board) !

Length OA : 72' - Wide : 19' - Draught : 9' - Gross Tonnage : 74

Inside details :
- Height in the “Master” cabins : 7,22 feet
- Height in the cockpit: 6,56 feet
- Height in the “Standart” cabins : 6,27 feet
- Beddings and hand towels provided (bring your beach towel);
- Beds of the cabins “Master”: max. length : 7,54 feet (average 6,56) - Width 5,25 feet
- Double Berths in the cabins standart: 6,26 feet X 4,26 ;
- Individual Berth superimposed in the 2 cabins standart: 6,26 feet X 3,28
- Air conditioning in all the cabins

- Toilets with flushings “as at the house”;
- Independent crew quarters ;

- Internet access in the event of emergency (used especially for the weather forecast);

Alexandre MATSAKIS - Boat renting
Palaion Patron Germanou, 13
AFM : 134357319 (V.A.T. number)

for more info, visit: http://www.voiliergrece.com/yachtchartergreece.htm

flotilla sailing holidays

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oars on Traditional Wooden Pletnja Rowing Boat Moored by Jetty

Oars on Traditional Wooden Pletnja Rowing Boat Moored by Jetty

click here for more info

Great articles about WOODEN BOAT REPAIR AND RESTORATION METHODS | traditional wooden boats and yachts

| traditional wooden boats and yachts

Master shipwright Walt Ansel of Mystic Seaport will take students beyond the traditional introductory boatbuilding and boat repair courses offered here at WoodenBoat School with this challenging and very exciting project.

CINDERELLA, a lovely 25' sloop designed and owned by Henry Scheel, is the centerpiece for this two-week foray into wooden boat restoration. She has been lovingly restored over the last three seasons and will ultimately be relaunched here in Brooklin. The techniques students will use to document, stabilize, and rebuild the hull are the exact same methods used at Mystic Seaport and other professional boatyards around the country.

The goal throughout the restoration is to have a strong, longlasting, aesthetically beautiful vessel, faithful to Henry Scheel’s original vision. Wooden Boat Repair

for more info, visit: thewoodenboatschool.com

traditional wooden boats and yachts

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boat Fishing Tips and Tricks

Inshore Saltwater Boats

If your tastes run to tarpin, snook, trout, bonefish or redfish, then you will want a boat suitable for inshore saltwater fishing. It's best to have a light boat that is smaller than a 25-footer. All you need is a single outboard motor. You're likely to be in shallow water at least some of the time, so something like a flat or baby boat works well. These have a spacious deck you can use for casting, and are still float well in shallow water.

Bass Boats

This type of boat is generally suitable for tournament and sport fishing. They're colorful, fast, and ride low in the water. It's preferable if the bass boat has a trolling motor mounted on the bow. Generally they have a platform at both the bow and stern ends, which makes casting much easier. You can choose from aluminum or fiberglass.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boat Fishing Tips and Tricks

Freshwater Boats

If you enjoy fishing in freshwater lakes, rivers or streams, then you don't need a massive boat. Instead, choose an aluminum or fiberglass boat. Make sure it's easy to transport and lightweight. Popular choices include bow riders, runabouts or walley boats, with either a small or dual console. These boats are fine for family freshwater boat fishing outings.

Offshore Saltwater Boats

Fishing out on the open sea is the most common thing people think of when you mention boat fishing. Most people enjoy fishing offshore because they get the chance to catch huge fish and use heavy tackle. It's important to have a dependable, heavy boat for this type of fishing. You'll encounter plenty of different weather and situations on the open sea, so you need to be able to rely on your boat. You can choose twin or single outboard motors, and you definitely need a cuddy cabin or a center console. If you want to spend a bit more, you can start to look at the more luxurious boats, including a bluewater or convertible with luxury quarters, and maybe even an elegant living area. Bigger boats generally have powerful inboard diesel engines as standard.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Part 7: Cendera Jiwa Cruise, 2-Jun-2007 Ready to sail

Preparation to bring the boat to my village. The boat master is setup and inspecting the engine. This journey are from Kampung Selabat to Kampung Pulo Ulu via South China Sea.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indonesian boatbuilding image: traditional boat and yacht

traditional boats and yachts

image of kapal layar mesin (KLM) or known as motor sailor taken from kasten marine design.
Kapal Layar Mesin translates as "Motor Sailor" and reflects the presence of the older sailing phinisi bow, bowsprit, and fore mast. These pics were taken fairly far up the river near Sangkulirang, Kalimantan Timur. where we lofted the hull shape and built the actual mould frames for this new vessel. More image at kasten marine design.