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I love all about boat especially a traditional boat and yacht. I also have my own traditional boat which was build on 2006.

In this blog, you can find a collection of traditional wooden boat & traditional wooden yacht from Malaysia and all over the world. Your one stop information about traditional boats and yachts, boat builder and everyting that is related from all over the world.

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Pelbagai koleksi perahu tradisional melayu dan seluruh dunia.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sarawak Traditional Boat Builder 1

Sarawak Traditional Boat Builder 2

Photo below are among the boat that is in progress made by Kanok, the Sarawak traditional boat maker. Kanok workshop is located at Jalan Karangan, Kampung Selabat. Here you can see different type and size of 'perahu' (boat). All are using 'kayu lon' (type of wood).

Perahu Moto ( another type of traditional boat)
Perahu Balok ( Balok is another type of traditional boat)

Part 5: Cendera Jiwa Cruise - 25-May-2007

Undercoat paint.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Part 3: Cendera Jiwa Cruise 20-May-2007

All wood layer for the boat body have been put together.

Part 2: Cendera Jiwa Cruise - 06-May-2007

Front view

View From Behind
Two more layer of wood on each side.

Part 1: Cendera Jiwa Cruise - The Work Started

End of March, the work to build my Perahu Bandung for the Cendera Jiwa Cruise is started. Perahu Bandung is the name for one of the type of Sarawak traditional boat.

Fast Facts:
Builder: Kanok
Location: Kampung Selabat, Kuching Sarawak
Body Type: Wood (Kayu Lon)
Long:27 '
Wide: 5' 3"