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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Basic Boating Safety Tips

Traditional Wooden boat and wooden yacht tips

Millions of boaters and their passengers will go out on the water this summer, whether on lakes, rivers or the ocean. Before you go out, make sure to brush up on safety with these basic boating safety tips.-Traditional Wooden boat and wooden yacht tips

Preparation (Traditional Wooden boat and wooden yacht tips)

Don't forget to check the weather and take along appropriate clothing and supplies for whatever weather you may encounter. Don't forget to get a copy of the local boating rules, each state and sometimes each county will have specific boating rules and regulations that you must follow. Don't forget to get whatever permits needed should you be fishing, diving or engaging in some other recreational activity. Make sure you have maps and charts on hand for the area you will be boating in, and plan out your course ahead of time. Make sure your engine and other mechanical and electrical equipment is in working order before taking your boat out. Make sure you have proper amounts of oil and fuel for your entire trip. Pack extra if needed. Make sure to brush up on all maritime warning signals and symbols. Double check to make sure you have your boat registration and boat owner's manual as well as any appropriate licenses on board. Make sure you have enough water, food and protection from the sun on your boat for yourself and every passenger. Don't drink and boat, it's virtually the same as drinking and driving and just as dangerous. You should always observe speed limits in every area.-Traditional Wooden boat and wooden yacht tips.

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Flüge Lima said...

Very useful post for many hobby boater, but in my eyes the post isn´t complete. Especially the most of your tips aren´t safety related. I´d like you to keep the post updated and maybe make a list. e.g. life vest isn´t mentioned by you. I know it is nasty and doesn´t look nice, but it is a must have!